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Apr 13, 2020

As requested by our listeners, Ian and Wills talk through the basics of FoW. We cover why it's a great game and the many reasons (not just historical!) why you might want to play it, the rules, how to make an army, and much more!

Mar 21, 2020

In this special episode, Ian and guest Wills review the new D-Day British book which Battlefront kindly sent to us to review! Join us as we talk about the units, see what's powerful and what will be consigned to oblivion, and get excited about tiny tanks!

Mar 13, 2020

In this episode Ian and Ritchie discuss the brand new Seraphon battletome, and what a battletome it is! Packed with flavourful and playable units and abilities, this one is sure to grace plenty of tables - but is it going to shake up the meta?

Mar 9, 2020

In this episode, Ian and Ritchie are joined by Team Justplay's JP Stevens who recently went 5-0 with Ossiarch Bonereapers at Sheffield Slaughter! We've been testing Bonereapers a lot at Justplay and we have a lot of ideas as to how Bonereapers need to evolve to be the best they can be, so take a listen to some views on...

Feb 28, 2020

Welcome to the DWARF EXTRAVAGANZA! We've had a lot of questions recently about the Duardin lsist that we've been running, so we're discussing Dwarves of three flavours - Fyreslayers, Kharadron Overlords, and Cities of Sigmar!