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Feb 22, 2019

Ian and Ritchie discuss the new Skaven battletome, and boy is this one going to be meta defining. From ranged attacks to horde removal to cheap bodies to spellcasting, this battletome does it all! 

Feb 14, 2019

In this episode, Ian and Ritchie talk about the new Flesh Eater Courts book. In our usual style we don't read out every warscroll and spell, but instead talk about the standout options, and the real world lists that you're likely to see on the table from this book. Enjoy!

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Feb 7, 2019

In this week's episode, Ian and Ritchie discuss the lists for the upcoming Las Vegas Open - what the big players are running, what the dark horse lists are, and some interesting talking points from the list document. Bonus Gloomspite Gitz mini-discussion at the end of the episode!

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