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Jan 31, 2019

In this episode I talk to JustSaying's own Ritchie about navigating his Sylvaneth to a 4th place finish at the UK masters event this past weekend, probably one of the toughest if not THE toughest fields of players in the world!

Here's a link to the article on accomodation at the Justice Series GT 30th & 31st of March as...

Jan 25, 2019

In this week's episode, we discuss the top 8 lists from the 40-man Tempest 2019 event this past weekend up in Scotland. It's an event full of skilled players running highly competitive meta lists (with the requisite few surprises...), so tune in for some great information!

Jan 17, 2019

In this episode, Ian and Ritchie (who will be attending the UK masters!) review the UK masters lists that have been published this week. We talk about the secret tech in some of the list, give our verdict on each list's chances, and make our predictions for the ones to watch!

Justice Series GT (30th & 31st March 2019)...

Jan 4, 2019

In this episode we review what we know about Gloomspite Gitz so far and take a guess at how they might fare in competition. We also talk about our new plans for 2019!