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Dec 16, 2019

In this week's episode Ian and Ritchie discuss the new Slaves to Darkness book - including competitive builds, the best units, and controversial abilities! There's also a huge announcement regarding the JustPlay store!

Nov 21, 2019

Ian, Ritchie and guest James review the recent Ogor Mawtribes battletome. This book was overshadowed a little bit by the release of Ossiarch Bonereapers, so we're analyse it for you, give you plenty of example competitive lists, and generally catch you up on what you could play or play against!

Nov 11, 2019

Ian and Tom discuss the Cities of Sigmar book - every ability and unit plus tactics, strategies and lists in glorious detail!

Time Indexes for discussions:

Ironweld Arsenal 2:53
Phoenix Temple 13:24
Order Serpentis 28:57
Shadowblades 39:15
Scourge Privateers 49:09
Wanderers 57:24
Battalions 1:25:47
Army Lists 1:41:16

Nov 6, 2019

Ritchie is back and we're discussing what's going on in Age of Sigmar and what you need to be aware of when building your next killer list. Shooting and Magic Alpha Strikes, Bridges, Teleporting, the lot! Also, have you noticed a new trend in battletomes? We have!

Nov 1, 2019

Ian is joined by JP and Gene from Team JustPlay to discuss the new Ossiarch Bonereapers battletome! We talk about all the best stuff, what you should run and why, what we think you'll see at events and finally give you some awesome lists as a starting point to your Bonereapers journey!